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Drink Coaster Special for Marketing Your Company

Drink Coaster @ printingcairns.com.au

Drink Coaster Special

What's your spin on the usefulness of advertising your brand or company on a Drink Coaster?

Well the stats are in!  They are driving customers to you.  Unlike a business card, we sometimes think coasters have a limited shelf life, whereas a business card will sit in a clients wallet for years... yes, that's right, years!  Often the only time to venture out is when they get a new wallet.

Drink coasters have an incredible way to work .. silently.  Just think about it.  Whilst you are drinking your beverage, the coaster sits under that glass and every time you or the client lifts his glass or puts it back down, they are seeing your information.  25-45 minutes of flash information per drink...

It's the original blinking sign!

How many of you have used a coaster to write valuable phone numbers, emails or physical addresses on the back of?  They don't fit in your wallet so they go into your pants pocket, shirt pocket or into a ladies bag... They are retrieved almost within 24 hours to be followed up on... put on display or recycled after the information is used.

Then... there's the growing number of collectors out there.  I know, a drink coaster collector, yeah, but they are out there, increasing and many backpackers are among them.  So if you are a food venue, an accommodation venue, a hire car company or any do tourism events; then this is the best option for increasing your market, both here locally and internationally.

You could advertise your discount packages on them as well...

similar to coupon codes, people will take them home and use the discounts.

Is it time for a serious re-look at using drink coasters as a way to increase your traffic!  It is no laughing matter... they get results.

Drink Coaster

Full colour print!!!
1000 for $225
3000 for $324

To help you decide on your drink coaster layout which meets your needs and gives you the most coverage for your promotions, please do not hesitate to call into our Showroom @ 72 Woodward Street, Edgehill from 9-5 Monday to Friday or Call us!

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