How to Save Money on Graphic Design

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How to Save Money on Graphic Design

Basically there are Two types of Graphic Designers – Good ones are hard to find but luckily not as rare as unicorns. Creative designers get creative where as Production designers are more scheduled to get the Job done within a deadline. You can save yourself money by ensuring you have the right designer for the job and not wasting money, which is time, with the wrong graphic designer for you.

Production Designers are my favourite – if you think of the analogy of the designer that has to get the display add in your local newspaper ready for the press print Today - not Tomorrow, you will get the idea. What is hard is to also find one that is not only Fast but also Accurate (especially with spelling).

Choose your Production Designer not perhaps by experience but by Time in the job – as over time he or she will develop so called “shortcuts” to fasten the pace of design – if you stumble onto a fast and accurate one – you will save money. Either specify your budget to get the job looking good or ask for an estimate/quote on the Graphic Design time involved.

NOTE: One of the biggest time wasters is what I call “RIRO” Images = basically a Graphic designer cannot turn a pigs ear into a silk purse without spending a LOT of time on it!! – So if the Images you want (or bring in) to use are Rubbish (in) Basically you will get Rubbish Out without the Graphic designer spending a LOT of time to basically Recreate the Image (No we don’t have a magic wand – the Unicorns have that) So be realistic and seek alternatives when a budget does not allow for recreating a broken cart wheel into a F1 racing tyre.

With Creative Designers – you need to ask yourself the question?

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Do I need a Creative Job done?

(i.e. Unique – like a Unicorn?)

Creative Designers like their name, will give themselves lots of leeway or what I call “Creative Degrees of Freedom” to go off on all tangents to create something unique in the hope that you will like it (a logo or design brief tends to keep these tangents under control)

Over the last 15 years, time and again I have had the comment passed to me that clients have wasted a lot of money (aka time) on a Creative designer and “still not got what they wanted” before coming to me. I try to explain that they had the wrong Graphic Designer to start - but - its all a bit too late – so we just quietly set about fixing the job by “back to basics” clarifying what type of graphic design do you need?

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