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Promotional Printing – Promo Printing – promotional printing!!

Promotional Printing @ Cairns Print Broker.
Charlie Rainger addresses the growing relevance of the print Broker in getting the most from your Business Printing.

Promotional Printing Services are an essential business service undergoing rapid change. As printed products become more numerous and diverse, printing consultants and print brokers become critical to getting good quality and value for money from business printing.

Press Release: WEBWIRE – Wednesday, November 16, 2011
A new Generation of Print Brokers are redefining Business Printing Services, helping companies navigate the growing sea of choices of increasingly technical business printing and promotional product printing methodologies.

Printing Services are an essential component of most business’s day to day operations, especially when it comes to marketing and business growth.
Print Brokers are a proven approach to sourcing the correct quantity and quality of printing services which have become more accessible, complex and powerful with the development of modern technology and communications.

As the needs of businesses grow, change or become more specialized, they require an integrated approach to marketing. Print Brokers are uniquely positioned to deliver printing services backed by expert advice and responsive service.

Print Products & Promotional Printing

Cairns Printing consultant Charlie Rainger of Print Broker Network has been providing business printing services to local and national businesses for over 15 years. Charlie has a background and qualifications in business marketing (Otago University) and sees his role as a printing consultant as a way to deliver strategic and practical marketing campaigns to businesses who are looking to grow their customer base.

“Because we source our printing from hundreds of diverse printers, we are in a unique position to strongly negotiate on price, and quality, method and delivery. We back this up with local in house custom graphic design, over 10 years local knowledge and marketing advice to ensure businesses get real valuable results for money from their printing and other promotional product campaigns.”

In the last few years the rise New technology and online Global accessibility in printing has triggered major changes in the business printing services industry. There has been a trend toward specialization. This increasingly means businesses will need to source their material from multiple printers or suppliers.

Print Brokers offer an efficient and economical alternative to chasing quotes from multiple printers, understanding the terminology and technology: instead you can concentrate on getting your message, design and marketing strategy right and leave the printing consultant to realize your vision in a quality printed product.

This is a trend played out again and again in online business: improved technology and increased choice offers substantial improvements in quality and price, but the average business owner isn’t in a position to assess either, the local printing consultant can cut through the confusion and source good quality printing at wholesale prices and let business owners get on with their own areas of expertise.

This puts business owners in a position of power where they can leverage the skills of the printing consultant in both knowledge, design, understanding the marketing, and in sourcing quality printing at a competitive price.

For all your Promotional Printing and Product don’t go further than your local Print Broker Network.

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Drink Coaster Special for Marketing Your Company

Drink Coaster @

Drink Coaster Special

What's your spin on the usefulness of advertising your brand or company on a Drink Coaster?

Well the stats are in!  They are driving customers to you.  Unlike a business card, we sometimes think coasters have a limited shelf life, whereas a business card will sit in a clients wallet for years... yes, that's right, years!  Often the only time to venture out is when they get a new wallet.

Drink coasters have an incredible way to work .. silently.  Just think about it.  Whilst you are drinking your beverage, the coaster sits under that glass and every time you or the client lifts his glass or puts it back down, they are seeing your information.  25-45 minutes of flash information per drink...

It's the original blinking sign!

How many of you have used a coaster to write valuable phone numbers, emails or physical addresses on the back of?  They don't fit in your wallet so they go into your pants pocket, shirt pocket or into a ladies bag... They are retrieved almost within 24 hours to be followed up on... put on display or recycled after the information is used.

Then... there's the growing number of collectors out there.  I know, a drink coaster collector, yeah, but they are out there, increasing and many backpackers are among them.  So if you are a food venue, an accommodation venue, a hire car company or any do tourism events; then this is the best option for increasing your market, both here locally and internationally.

You could advertise your discount packages on them as well...

similar to coupon codes, people will take them home and use the discounts.

Is it time for a serious re-look at using drink coasters as a way to increase your traffic!  It is no laughing matter... they get results.

Drink Coaster

Full colour print!!!
1000 for $225
3000 for $324

To help you decide on your drink coaster layout which meets your needs and gives you the most coverage for your promotions, please do not hesitate to call into our Showroom @ 72 Woodward Street, Edgehill from 9-5 Monday to Friday or Call us!

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Easy fold Sun shade special

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What a great way to get your Logo out there! Instead of only having your cars advertising your business…..Why not having many cars advertising your business? How about 100…. or even more…? Plus your clients will be grateful, every time they … Continue reading

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T shirt Printing – how to get the best quality and value

How to get the Best Value Quality T shirt Printing and Cheap T Shirt Printing (What’s the difference ?? – why we Guarantee our Results) When Planning your T shirt Promotion or T shirt printing for your business, sports club … Continue reading

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Polo Shirts

Polo shirts with your logo are a great way to promote your business. Polo shirt Special price We’ve got great deals on Polo Shirts starting at: $19.95ea + GST Full Colour Transfer Embroidered* (Max 10,000 Stitches) Screen Printed* (From $19.95) … Continue reading

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Presentation Folders – July 2012 Printing Special

JULY Full Colour Printing Specials Valid till 31 July only PRESENTATION FOLDERS Full Colour 350gsm Gloss card Stock 1000x $ 675 DRINK COASTERS Full Colour 365gsm Beer Board Stock 1000x $ 155 ref R27 Facebook Messenger Email Google+ 0Shares

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Cairns Local Election Specials

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ELECTION PRINTING SPECIALS Pre Booked – Pre Ordered – Pre Organised – ONLY DL – HOW TO VOTE cards – Top Quality- Off set printed – Full colour One Side 250gsm Gloss (heavy weight) CarQnty          Size mm          … Continue reading

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Election Printing & Promotional Specials

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Electoral Canidates: Save heaps on Election Promotion with our Printing Deals: As an electoral candidate your image is everything.  Don’t leave it to chance, don’t leave it too late.  Get your Election campaign promotion printing booked and ready now.  Electoral … Continue reading

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T-shirt Screen Printing Promotion from Cairns Print Broker

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Your one stop shop for Cairns Screen Printing & Tshirts Cairns Print Broker Network would like to wish all its clients a very merry Xmas. To celebrate, we’ve got some great festive printing specials on Colour & Black and White … Continue reading

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Using Printed T-Shirts To Promote Your Business

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How to use printed T-Shirts to promote your Cairns Business: Printed T Shirts are a popular and economical way to promote your business. Printed T-Shirts can be used in a wide range of ways to raise your business profile. There are several methods that can be used to print T-shirts which offer different benefits to the client and the environment. Continue reading

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Printing Brochures: Tips for success from Cairns Printing Consultant

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Brochure printing is an important tools for Cairns businesses: brochures can help in the advertising of any business and can help build your credibility and relationship with your customers. Printed brochures aren’t essential but will help your business stand out. Brochure printing can be complex, but by engaging a marketing and printing consultant, the time it takes can be minimised and the results improved.
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