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Finding a low cost, cheap and effective promotional advertising for your business, brand, service or organisation is an ultimate goal.

One of the cheapest, best value ways I know, is to turn your Business card into a Magnet. 

Whilst business cards are a fairly low cost item at approximately 10c each, full colour business card sized magnets ( printed rubberized Magnetic material ) is usually around the 30c each mark.

Fridge magnets (or filing cabinet magnets) are a well known very cost effective way to build your branding into homes, offices and kitchens.  Their low cost effectiveness is due to repeat exposure.  The repeat long lasting exposure you want generating greater customer loyalty and sales from both new and existing customers.


Faster recall and greater brand recognition by having your brand and phone number quickly accessible and ready to hand when your customer needs it is an ultimate goal in advertising and promotion.

So Magnets are very cost effective Marketing mediumBUT - How to keep the cost down to make Business Cards even better value?

Self adhesive (peel and stick) magnetic tabs are a quickest cheapest way to turn your Business card into a very low cost magnet very cheaply.


All you need is a little design forethought as to what goes on the front of your business card and what goes on the back allowing space on the back of your new business card magnet for the 20 x 36 x 0.6 mm self adhesive magnetic tab.

And the low cost?  Self adhesive magnetic tabs (In Stock) go as low as 7 cents each – less than your standard business card GAINING 3000 times the Exposure – now that’s  BEST VALUE, low cost magnetic advertising - I know.

Prices             20 x 36 x 0.6mm self adhesive magnetic tabs on a roll

1000    $ 70 + gst

500         $ 57 + gst

250      $ 35 + gst

100      $ 17 + gst

Important:   It is important to not only take into account using self adhesive magnetic tabs in the design of your business card. See Design Tips

But also the type of Business Card you choose for your magnets.  See Cairns Printing Tips


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