Using Printed T-Shirts To Promote Your Business

Printed T-Shirts Help Your Cairns Business Stand Out From The Crowd

Cairns Print Broker Charlie Rainger has helped hundreds of local Cairns Businesses to economically reach more customers using Printed T-Shirts.

Cairns Tshirt printing The use of promotional printed T-shirts as part of a marketing strategy has been very widely used for a long time now. Promotional T Shirts are very flexible as they can be given to potential customers, clients and also to your employees for free advertising. Anyone can benefit from promotional T-shirts and you don’t need to be a big or important company to do so. T Shirts are a great way to get even the newest and the smallest of businesses known in your local area.

One great way of advertising your company without having to use a strategy or tactics or even waste time on sales pitches is by giving promotions T Shirts to your employees. The design for your promotional T Shirts is crucial, and you also need to make sure that employees wear their T Shirts at all times to maximize advertising; any event is a great and free way to advertise your business with T Shirts. Giving members of your staff a dress code is also a great way to make sure that your staff is orderly and everyone feels equal.

Cairns Print Broker can supply great value T shirts

Many small businesses believe that they cannot afford to buy a customised t-shirt design , but this really is very incorrect. T shirts can be great value and allow customisation of colour, style and design. Using Cairns Print Broker to do your T-shirts really is a great way to save both time and money implementing your promotional ideas.

If you decide to display the corporate brand on your T-Shirts then this really is an excellent way to get your company known in a short period of time; you can supply your staff members with branded T-Shirts and other clothing and it will really enhance your reputation and the way customers view the image that is your business. T shirts last a long time, especially if you order a quality material; when you work out how much it will cost to order and then print your branded T shirts then you will realize just what a good idea it is... printing your T Shirt design needn’t cost  a lot of money and it really is worthwhile.

When you have decided to print t shirts for your business, then you need to decide on which method of printing you think will suit you best. DTG printing is said to be more environmentally friendly than normal screen printing and this is something you need to take into consideration when printing your t shirt design. DTG is a water based method of printing onto clothing and it uses a lot less ink than traditional methods and only requires that the heads are cleaned very occasionally. If you decide to use the DTG printing method for your T  shirts then you can be happy with the knowledge that you are not harming the environment in any way. Screen printing T shirts really is not environmentally friendly as the excesses of ink are flushed down the drain and can harm and pollute the environment.

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