Postcard printing & design services to promote your business

Cairns Print Broker can help your business get new customers by having promotational postcards printed following proven marketing strategies.

Postcard Marketing can be an easy and effective way to attract new business.

Getting new customers for your business requires standing out from your competition: make a bold statement using colorful promotional material like printed postcards. The most memorable and successful postcards are those printed in colour with striking design and easily able to be read.

If your business has competitors or needs to attract more customers, you must get your customer’s attention.  This means getting noticed and remembered, and its something which can determine the very survival of a small business.

Cairns Print Broker: postcards

Standout Postcard Printing and Designs

Postcard printing is a great way to stand out to your customers: the right designs can ensure you make an impact and thus boost your business enormous. Attractive images and striking lettering help get your reader’s attention, but they will probably remember the image long after they have forgotten your slogan.

Choice of font is crucial, as this helps convey your brand image and the mood of your message: but the main factor is readability.
Promotional postcard printing for your business is a great way to do direct mail marketing to your prospects: everyone loves to get a postcard. The best ways to use postcards in advertising is to make the customer feel special and promote an event, a new service or a special offer.

Printed Postcards are also very useful when used as appointment reminders. This is very popular with professions like doctors, dentists, vets and hair dressers where appointments are required.
Postcard Printing Tips for Success for your business.  Compared with printed letterhead in an envelope, postcards are fast and simple to prepare and stand out from other printed material.

Printing postcards in full colour helps them stand out from other mail, and can help elicit curiosity in the reader. Beware trying to skimp on the card and postcard printing quality: your postcard will say a lot about your business and you want your clients to perceive your company as attractive and high-quality.  This can be further reinforced using other printed material and more tangible items such as promotional magnets.

Even though it costs a little more for printing and postage, a larger size business postcard, such as 6 1/8 by 11 1/2 inches, will give room for a detailed message and dramatic graphics. Using color on one side and printing in black and white on the other will help in cost reduction to stay within a budget.

Next steps after getting your postcards printed

Having decided on a design for you postcard, you then need to develop a message to your customers to promote your business: develop an irresistible message to your customers to take them from your postcard, straight to your business!

As you can see, there is a lot to using printed postcards for direct marketing for your business.  One of the great benefits of using Print Broker Network is that we offer Marketing and Graphic Design as well as Printing services.

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