Plastic Business Cards

Cairns Print Broker Network are Experts in Plastic Business Cards

Business Cards are a mainstay of Personal and Business Branding: nothing says "I mean business" like a business card!  One way to make your business really stand out is using Plastic Business Cards form Cairns Print Broker.  These high quality cards offer some great advantages over traditional business cards and are an economical way to make an impact with your business branding.

Plastic Business Cards

Plastic business cards are a big advance from old fashioned paper cards (wikipedia)

Business Cards have come a long way... what used to be a simple black and white printed cards has evolved into distinctive designer models, each designed to convey the brand and message of the business, and to be more memorable than the many other business cards your customers receive.  Read about the history of business cards at Wikipedia.

We now see plastic business cards making a big impact in personal and business branding.  While not as distinctive as some of the more unusual business cards made of wood, metal, cardboard, glass or handmade paper, plastic business cards have a lot of benefits over traditional cards.

Benefits of Plastic Business Cards

In considering the benefits of plastic business cards over traditional paper cards, remember the purpose of business cards is to stand out from the crowd, and make a lasting impression: most business cards suffer from wear and tear and are eventually discarded.  Plastic cards are much more robust and maintain that "brand new" feel for far longer than a tatty paper business card.

Cairns Print broker can print your plastic business cards really unique with their in house graphic design services: this will deliver a real punch to your business card with distinctive and professional custom graphic design.

Plastic Business Card design options

Plastic business cards are a very different printing medium to other business cards and most other forms of promotional printing employed by businesses.  One of the key differences is the choice of materials and finishes, which includes:

  • Clear
  • Translucent
  • Frosted
  • White
  • Colored
  • Metallic
  • Different plastics used
  • Different printing options such as metallic finish or screen printing

Plastic business cards are great, but it can be hard to find a printer and a graphic designer who can acheive a high quality result which conveys the quality and professionalism you want for your brand.  The Print Broker Network can deliver all the right ingredients to ensure a truly stand-out plastic business card for your business.

Other Business Card alternatives

Cairns Print Broker offer hundreds of different printed promotional items, including a wide range of business cards such as different sizes, magnetic business cards (Fridge magnets) and business cards made of non-standard materials.  Contact us on (07) 4032 5508 for more details.

Fast and Economical Plastic Business Card Printing Cairns

Your business card represents you and your business - it is a lasting reminder of your brand and services.  Choose a quality plastic business card from Cairns Print Broker to represent your business and stand out from your competitors.


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