How to get the most out of printing in your business.

Cairns Print Broker Printing tips to take your business to the next level.

Cairns Printing BrokerEvery business uses printing for promotion to attract customers, build credibility and increase sales. Printing should be a keystone of your business marketing: not just for advertising but to communicate with your existing clients to better serve them, inform them of your services and increase your business with them.

Let's cover some of the keys to getting the best bang for your buck from your printed promotional material for your business.  Of course, if you want more information about printing contact Cairns Printing consultant Charlie Ranger for expert advice and great deals on business printing.

Boost you business with promotional printing.

Speak to your customers's wants and needs in your printed material

Always speak to you customer: make sure your printing speaks to your readers: both in pictures and words: appeal to their wants, needs and expectations: what do they desperately need or desire?  If you can tap into this you will get much better conversions.

If you understand what your audience wants and needs, you can target your product to produce great results and satisfaction, and get much better sales results.

Use a bold and attractive headline for your printing

Use an attractive headline: something that draws the dreader in with graphics, font, and story.  If you can make your reader curious to read more, you are half way to delivering your message.  Make sure the headline speaks about the benefits of the product, or answers their needs in a direct or indirect way.

Make the printed word and image about THEM!

Make sure you speak to THEIR needs: they don't care how big, old or great your company is: they want to know what you can do FOR THEM.  Show you know what they need and want and that you have the skills, products and services to meet them.  Then they will want to be your customer.

As they say "People don't care how much you know, until they know how much you care".  Show you care about them and their needs and they will be much more impressed by your expertise.

Stories take your printed promotional material to the next level

Use stories to appeal to your readers.  Stories have universal appeal and are much better than a "Sales" format.  If your story makes them want to read more, they are also wanting to know more about you and your brand.  This increases rapport and trust and shows your reader that you can apply your results in real world situations.

Include at clear call to action at the end of your promotional printing

Give them a reason, and directions to take action: this should be to contact you, buy your product, watch your video, sign up for a newsletter or something that furthers their relationship with you.  This needs to offer them a real benefit: frame the action in these terms, and talk about the downsides of not taking action to create both attraction to do it and fear of not doing it.  Eg. We are only able to serve 3 customers a day, so phone immediately to register your interest.

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