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If you are looking for great advice on Printing CairnsPrint Broker network can help you choose the best printed products and find the best  contact an independant Get great advice on the ideal printed promotional material for your business using a Print Broker: an independant printing expert who can source your printing from any of hundreds of printers and thousands of processes around the country.

What is a Print Broker?

A Print Broker is a printing consultant who helps you find the best deals on printing for your business and manages the printing process to ensure you get the right printed products at a great price.

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Why use a Print Broker for your Business Printing?

Print Brokers can save you money, but even better they can help you choose the best product. Think about it: printing equipment is expensive. Different printers have different equipment, so they specialise in certain jobs. They might be the only one in town with that machine: that means they can name their price. What’s more, they might not be able to sell you the best product for your needs: they might instead sell you what they happen to do!

If I use a Print Broker, who does my printing?

A print broker sources printing from hundreds of printers around the nation, so can get competitive prices using a huge network of expert suppliers. Also, because they can sell you any product, its in their interests to sell you the one that will work the best for you (not just they one they happen to have the machines for!). Best of all, they have incredible insight into how many different products and printing processes work and how they compare for price and quality. They don’t have a vested interest in selling you a particular product. And you get that customised professional advice as part of the deal, with your printing coming from the countries’ top printing companies, while retaining the personal touch of dealing with local people who know your business, rather than a website or call centre operator like you might experience using an online company.

How does a print broker make money?

Print brokers make money on the sales they generate: much like a mortgage broker makes money on the loans they create. To the big printing companies, print brokers are like external sales agents, just like mortgage brokers operate as external sales agents for banks and other lenders. You won’t pay extra to buy through a print broker, in fact you usually pay less for the same product. The best thing is, like with a mortgage broker, you will be guided to the best product for your needs, rather than just being pushed into whatever product the printer you contact is able to produce. This can be especially useful for specialty printing, large jobs and smaller towns where local printers may not be able to be competitive. By using a print broker, you will get access to the full range of business printed promotional products at great prices.

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Independent & Flexible Printing in Cairns by Print Broker Network Regularly accessing over 200 different Printing suppliers with 1000’s of different Print machines & methods we efficiently achieve what You Want with Your Print We can explain a large range of alternative Printing Options and Solutions for your printing needs that takes advantage of the latest technology advancements and industry developments to meet both Your Budget and Time frame
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