Print Brokers: Business Printing Services

Print Brokers: A New Approach To Printing Services For Your Business

What is a Print Broker and what Printing Services do they offer?

A print broker is a recent concept in business printing services that has grown in popularity, due to the widened scope of resources the web and modern communications has made available to companies. A one point the print broker was simply a sales representative for one firm, whose job was to close deals for a single provider. As the needs of modern business has become more specialized and aware of more choices on the market to deliver the printing services they need, the relevant brokerage of today has become more flexible, and operates today by matching the company to the best contractor that fits their budget or other requirements.

Cairns Print Broker Network: Flexibility in Printing ServicesPrinting Services Cairns

The Cairns Print Broker network is one such flexible brokerage service, and mediates deals between client business and printing companies all across Australia. It represents one the best examples of the evolution of the broker away from the single printer pitch-man, to one of facilitator of a wide range of printing services. The larger printing companies are capable of providing just about anything, but they tend to specialize in certain areas of printing, while a print broker can take advantage of locating more resources than a printing salesman representing one company. Cairns Print Broker profiles its services at their site: Printing Cairns.

Print Brokers do all the work for your Business Printing Job.

The Cairns Print Broker service and similar brokerages consult with a business about its printing goals, then contacts printers for a number of quotes, to find the best one to do the job and deliver the prints. Pricing can vary widely, and the broker makes their money charging a small premium on the wholesale rate they negotiate with the printer. Even if the broker charges a small percentage, large print jobs can be expensive, such that the broker more than earns a sufficient commission by finding a lower price for superior service. Also, the print broker is able to provide a very wide range of different printed and other promotional products, and thus get more repeat business from clients than a conventional printer could hope for. The print broker also relieves the business of the hassle of doing the haggling to get the best price, conditions, and other details right from the printing firm.

A key factor working for all companies contracting with a printer network is that the printers are well aware the competition is both intense and easily accessible in the internet age, making them quite motivated to work with a broker to settle on a deal. Also important is the fact that printing presses are expensive to run and lease, meaning the printing services need to keep the presses running to get the most profit out of their equipment. It's therefore quite advantageous for a business client to use a resource like Printing Cairns to facilitate getting the best possible printer for its needs.


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