Bag Special in October

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Bag Special in October

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Get your Logo and Slogan onto these great bags.

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Bags are a great way to get the name of your brand out there. Not only will your clients will appreciate them and advertise for you, but you also do something great for the environment.

So be quick and contact us today to get your bags on the way.

Please see flyer for further information.

Bag Special




About plastic checkout bags

  • 20 million Australians still use over 3.9 billion plastic checkout bags a year. That’s 10 million a day!
  • A person's use of a plastic checkout bag can be counted in minutes - however long it takes to get from the shops to their homes. However, plastic bags can take between 15 and 1,000 years to break down in the environment.
  • Many marine and terrestrial animals are killed by plastic bags that escape from landfill. The best solution to this problem is to use reusable bags that prevent you using plastic bags in the first place..

Recycling plastic checkout bags

  • Plastic bags cannot be placed in most council recycling bins.
  • Over 200,000 plastic checkout bags are dumped in landfills every hour.
  • Only 3% of Australia's plastic bags are currently being recycled, despite recycling facilities being available at major supermarkets and retail outlets listed above.

Plastic bags can cause big problems when placed in your kerbside recycling bin, most councils around the country do not accept them.

Most supermarkets accept plastic shopping bags for recycling, look for the plastic bag recycling collection bin at the front of the store. Torn or damaged reusable ‘green bags’ that can no longer be reused can also be placed in these collection bins.

These soft plastics include fresh fruit and vegetable bags, frozen food bags, pasta and rice bags, lolly and biscuit packets, magazine and newspaper wrapping, and clean plastic wrap/film.

We at Cairns Print Brokers are totally for protecting, saving and prolonging our environment for centuries to come.  These bags are completely environmentally safe and recyclable.


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