3 ways to Print Coffee Cups you should consider

3 ways to Print Coffee Cups you should consider

- before you Order !

Low Fire – using this process, decorated coffee cups or mugs are pad or screen printed using ceramic inks and oven-fired to produce a longer-lasting printed product. This method is dishwasher-resistant* and microwave safe as well as scratch-resistant, and ideal for every-day promotional, give-away purposes particularly in terms of cost and PMS colour matching.

NB: care should be taken to avoid using scourers/sharp objects to clean these mugs.

Dye Sublimation – using this method, images are applied to specially coated mugs – 1 side, 2 side or full wrap – using a combination of dye sublimation inks, heat and pressure. The completed mug is ideal for photographic, full colour, 3D, large-sized and half-tone images. While our dye sublimated mugs are dishwasher-resistant* and microwave safe, scouring the outside of the mug is not recommended because of the mug’s special coating. Recommend hand wash only in warm water.

High Fire – (in short = for Commercial Cafes Restaurants) using this process, decorated mugs/cups are either screen-printed direct or with a decal using ceramic colours and kiln fired to ensure long life. This method is dishwasher-resistant* and microwave safe as well as highly scratch-resistant. For lip imprints and mugs requiring commercial use, we recommend the high fire process.

Please note: multiple colours can be printed on mugs using all print options. We are happy to provide advice regarding the best printing process/s available to you.

* Harsh detergents and dishwasher chemicals will affect ALL print finishes. Where possible, please use only a dishwasher liquid, rather than highly corrosive 'power ball' tablets. To extend the ‘life’ of any printed image, hand washing is recommended.

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To help you decide on which process meets your needs and gives you the most bang for your buck for all coffee cups and mugs please do not hesitate to call into our Showroom in Edgehill from 9-5 Monday to Friday or Call us!

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